Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Patience is a virtue....2

It seems that everyone else is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Baby J. In the last coouple of days I've had numerous emails, texts and phone calls asking me if he/she has arrived yet - as if I, of all people, could have possibly had the baby and kept my mouth shut about it!

So I thought I'd share with you some statistics - 20 per cent of first babies are born before their due date. A very timely five per cent arrive dead on time. That leaves the remaining 75 per cent of heavily pregnant, very uncomfortable, hormonal women who are finding it hard to sleep, sit, walk, eat and talk nicely to people, waiting and waiting up to two weeks past that hallowed date that we've all been anticipating for the past nine and a bit months.

Now Baby J isn't due until next Tuesday - so I could still be one of the lucky "early" ones. Now I'm not a betting woman, although I do like a trip to the races in a nice frock and a good hat, but I wouldn't be putting a bet on the little monster popping out early or even on time - I don't like them odds. I'd say the safe bet is that he/she is going to be late.

So in the interest of my sanity please, please, please don't ask me if the baby has arrived yet - rest assured that after what can only be described as the longest and hardest nine months of my entire life, when he/she does come out I will be the first person shouting it from the roof tops, boring you with details, pictures and prepared.

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