Tuesday, 8 June 2010

D- day

Well I couldn't let this day pass without comment. Today is Baby J's due date - the hallowed 8th June 2010 - the day he's supposed to be born on.

If I was a midwife I think I'd tell all the pregnant women in my care that their baby was due two weeks later than it actually is - it would help to preserve their sanity.

So Baby J - if you are born today (which I doubt because I think you're staying put so that Daddy is off work during the world cup and Wimbledon) I thought I'd let you know a few things about the sort of day it is.

It's raining - hard - and the back lawn is flooded, despite the fact that three days ago it was desert dry.

BP are still letting oil spill into the ocean.

The coalition is asking us all how we think they should save the country money? I say tax the bankers bonuses, give all the lazy freeloading slackers in this country a smack and get them back to work and perhaps hold off on the "renovations" on No.11 Downing Street - the Cameron's have a perfectly nice house in Notting Hill and Sam Cam doesn't want to live in Downing Street anyway - so why should we pay for her wallpaper?

Miss Penny - your sister cat - has discovered that wet paws and the kitchen floor = slippery and seems to be enjoying crashing into the cupboards.

Mr Jeremy - your brother cat - has assumed his usual position and is asleep on the spare room bed. This afternoon he will no doubt get up and move to his armchair in the sitting room.

Mummy is trying to decide if she can be bothered to drive into town and go to the cinema to watch Sex and the City 2. The first film was rubbish - but it might be the last time she gets to go to the cinema in a looooong time.

Your Pop has hurt his knee valiantly trying to cycle 100 miles for charity - he stubbornly carried on until mile 50 in utter agony. Mummy and Daddy hope that those determination genes make it to your generation - because we'd have given up at mile 10 when it started to hurt.

I'm sure many more exciting things will happen today - but it's only 10.36am so we'll have to wait and see. Perhaps you'll even be born - here's hoping.

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