Wednesday, 9 June 2010

D-day + 1

Dear Baby J,

So you weren't born yesterday - oh well nevermind. Maybe it will be today. It's still raining. The oil is still spilling and the country still has no pennies. There have been no more updates on Sam Cam's wallpaper.

I didn't go to see Sex and the City 2 at the cinema - the weather was too grotty and I didn't want to get wet waddling to the car. Instead I watched Anne of Green Gables - ahhh Gilbert Blythe. If you're a girl baby I shall teach you to fall in love with him too. If you're a boy I'll still make you watch it.

We went to Pizza Express for dinner to celebrate your due date. They're doing buy one get one free on main courses this week - yum.

Then your Auntie Lauren called to tell us that she is engaged and is getting married in Hawaii on October 4th! So that at least made your due date special. When she called, Daddy, jokingly, told her were at the hospital and she nearly stopped breathing - a baby and a rock in one day would have been too much. But being the considerate baby that you are, you decided to spare her that excitement - aren't you nice? Uncle Jon proposed using Alphabetti Spaghetti - it took him three tins to find all the letters to spell it out. We're all very excited.

Today I am going to cook a chickpea curry - a spicy one. And I'm going for reflexology to have all points that get babies out pressed. Let's hope it works. If possible, I'd like you out before Sunday so that I don't have to miss the Grand Prix - pretty please.

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