Wednesday, 16 June 2010

D-Day + 8 - oh the faffing

So the attempted "sweep" didn't work - as was expected. So as instructed I called the hospital this morning to book my induction:

"Hello this is Rebecca Jones, I'd like to book an induction please."

"Err are you a midwife"

"No - but my midwife did a sweep yesterday and told me if it hadn't worked within 24hrs to call and book an induction."

"Right - hang on...."

Much muttering on the end of the phone. "I'm afraid you can't do that - the midwife has to call us."

So I call my midwife - who isn't in - the woman I leave a message with seems surprised that the midwife should have to make this call on my behalf, but says she'll get someone to call back as soon as possible.

Two hours later she calls to tell me that she's called the hosptial and that on Sunday I am to call the hospital myself at 4pm and if they have a bed free for me I can then be induced. Great.

I asked - again - if I can have another sweep on day 10 - my midwife refuses to do it and says I can try calling the hospital myself. But as we've already gathered - they only want to speak to midwives unless your baby is helpful enough to try and come on it's own.

So there we go - no hope of another sweep to kick start things naturally. And a possible induction on Sunday. Whooo hooo - this is all so much fun - anyone fancy coming for a run?

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