Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I'm fine thanks.....

I never thought I'd get annoyed with people for asking me how I'm feeling - but I have to say that it's starting to drive me slightly up the wall. So to all of you lovely people who have sent me text messages and emails and the like in the past few days - thank you. Thank you very much for caring - but please - please, please, please, please, please forget about me for at least a week.

Please assume that all is well and that I am very fine unless I tell you otherwise. I promise to tell you the very minute I push that baby out (someone even suggested I Twitter my way through labour - but I draw the line at that!! No one wants to know the status of my cervix every three minutes - even me.)

It's very lovely knowing that so many people care, but when your entire life is based around waiting, having to deal with everyone else's expectations starts to get a bit much. I'm bored of talking about it - so do text, email or call about anything else. Whinge about your husband, tell me about your wedding plans, tell me what you ate for dinner last night or what your cat has been doing this morning - just don't ask me how I am or whether or not I've had the baby yet.

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My cat just stole my fish. What was supposed to be my dinner. I spanked him so hard that he pooped on my pants and scratched my face. I was so mad that I just had to put him to sleep for good. But then again I don't really have a cat. Just wanted to put a smile on your face. Wish you love from afar!:-)

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