Friday, 24 August 2012

One month old

So it would seem weekly updates aren't at all possible with two children - not in my life anyway. Laurie is now a month old and very gorgeous - much like his brother. There has been much dispute as to whether they look alike (they do - in so so so so so many ways - but I'm just their mother - what do I know??). Their personalities are totally different though.

Rufus was always a stressed out little man - everyone said he was an old soul, he'd been here before. Laurie on the other hand is very chilled. He likes a good sleep and sometimes even has to be coaxed to feed because, well, sleeping is just so much more fun.

For this I am very thankful because it means that he's slipped into our lives without too much hassle, which for Rufus has been ideal. There have been a few tantrums, Lego has been thrown (and confiscated), and I have been asked to "feed him like a baby - from your boobies mummy"(!!) but all in all we're coping. We've even managed three whole days and two whole nights all on our own this week.I'm quite proud of myself.

Time will tell whether out chilled out little man stays that way. I've already told him he's going to have to get a bit more assertive or else his brother will run rings around him. That said he can throw a good fit - if he's hungry and I happen to be in the middle of something else he'll quickly produce some impressive purple faced screaming until he gets his way.

Meanwhile I'm trying to come to terms with my very wobbly mummy tummy - it really wasn't this bad last time.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Once there was a girl....

.... who used to write a blog about her wedding, then about being pregnant and then about having a baby.

Then the baby turned into a boy and started to walk, run, shout and generally make blogging a whole lot more difficult - especially when you throw in a bit a work too.
Then she got pregnant, threw up a lot, and had another little boy.
Laurie Peter Jones - born 26th July 2012 - 8lb 13oz. Perhaps - in between juggling two boys I might find time to blog about his first year too?!
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