Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Maternity leave manifesto

Everyone else seems to be writing manifestos at the moment – so I thought I might as well write one too. Luckily I don’t have to worry about the country’s debt, how on earth to overhaul the education system or whether or not Trident is really necessary – no my concerns are far more frivolous, but no less important (in my mind anyway). So this is my manifesto - a maternity leave manifesto if you will – spelling out my intentions for the next five weeks.

I will sort out the wardrobes and donate all the clothes we haven’t worn in ages to charity [Note – I may or may not include Mr Jones in this – his wardrobe needs a serious detox and his presence might hamper proceedings somewhat.]

I will weed the front garden – getting rid of a particularly offensive dandelion which mocks me every time I leave the house with is bolshy yellowness amid my blue, white, purple and pink colour scheme (maybe I should give up having a colour scheme? Should gardens have colours schemes – discuss)

I will rejig the kitchen cupboards to make room for all things baby….and get rid of packets of things that have been haunting the depths of the kitchen for months – possibly years.

I will plant things in the veg patch and encourage the cats to find somewhere else to sleep that is less muddy.

I will clean the oven – because clearly it is abhorrent to oven repairmen

I will scrub the hall floor back to it’s pristine Victorian gloriousness and then I’ll wax it and buff it before returning the floor buffer to Mrs Norman (I’ve had it in the loft for the last year and the poor woman hasn’t been able to buff her floors – though I have to say she hasn’t complained)

I will listen to my hypnosis for birth cd at least every other day, take my raspberry leaf tea capsules and invest in some clary sage.

I will buy a decent camera and learn how to take proper pictures just like this fabulous woman does

I will get our wedding and honeymoon pictures printed and framed

I will pack my hospital bag

I will eat breakfast outside

I will go to a café and enjoy just being on my own

I will talk to Baby Jones and maybe take him/her to the sea

I will finish the telling of our love story

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