Monday, 12 April 2010

It's been a while

Well I just typed a big old entry and lost the lot - so this will be an edited version - tsk.

I've been busy - or perhaps just lazy - probably lazy because my thighs have started to go a bit wobbly due to too much time spent lying on the sofa. Baby J has been active enough for the both of us - much to the amusement of anyone watching my stomach convulse, wobble and generally contort into the weirdest of shapes. I am yet to actually see a foot or a hand - but I can certainly feel them - and legs, elbows and even its little back - all very odd.

On friday we went to the hospital and waited an hour and a half in the hideous hotness. Then the midwife chased baby J around trying to track down a heart beat - eventually she found it and then wished me luck with what is one of the most active babies she's ever seen - how comforting.

I have now added iron supplements to the long list of pills I'm taking to ensure the safe building of baby J. This will hopefully stop the fainting episodes I've been having when I get too hot. The last of these took place during a tour of the maternity unit at the hospital. As I slid down the wall in a sweating heap six other couples looked on no doubt thinking "ah bless her, she's so terrified of giving birth that she's just carked it" - honestly I'm not scared at all - I just can't take the heat - literally. Thank goodness Baby J is due before proper summer starts.

In other news Mr Swift won Come Dine With Me. After feasting on mushrooms on toast, roast pork with delicious balsamic roasted potatoes and onions and tiramisu a la Mrs Swift we watched the video of scores. It was quite frankly hilarious - mainly due to the drunkness of the boys. The scoring was at times dubious, the words slurred and the lighting suspect - but it was well worth the effort.

Mr Jones and I have decorated the nursery - Mr Jones shouldn't be left in charge of a roller - he makes patchy paint work. We have been collecting baby stuff in a panic after the first baby amongst our NCT friends popped out a month early. Miss Penny has taken a liking to the pram and to sleeping on my bump. I have just three weeks left at work and it can't go fast enough. Baby J is due in 8 weeks - 8 looooooong weeks.

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