Friday, 7 May 2010

And relax....

...It seems I am incapable of doing nothing. I thought I'd cruise into this maternity leave lark and enjoy lie ins, afternoons indulging in marathon sessions of detective capers at the hands of Angela Lansbury and possibly even develop a penchant for Bargain Hunt. But no - I can't sit still. I've done my accounts, filed everything that needed filing, sorted out cupboards, cleaned the fridge, washed things, sorted things, repaired my favourite teddy bear, organised birthday presents, got my wedding dress dry cleaned..... the list goes on. I haven't sat down all week. I went for reflexology on Wednesday and spent the entire time lying there contemplating my to do list - it was most frustrating.

Today my lovely mum came to "help" me do a thorough clean of the house. But she wouldn't let me help. She kept telling me off. Then I had to go to the hospital for a scan and thanks to the NHS and its super powers of organisation I was gone for four hours. By the time I came home the entire house had been blitzed. She's so good - I wonder if the selfless-I-don't-mind-helping-you-with-pretty-much-anything gene kicks in when your baby is born because I certainly don't possess it at the moment.

Baby Jones behaved very well at the scan and is apparently in the ideal position for birth (which is nice to know - and fingers crossed it stays that way for the next four weeks). Currently the little monkey is weighing in at 6lbs ish - and the sonographer assures me that means that if I go full term I should pop out a nice 7lb something baby and if I go over due it shouldn't be more than a little over 8lbs - lets hope she's right.
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