Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Headstands and hiccups

Not me you understand - if I was to stand on my head I dread to think what would happen - no not me, but Baby Jones.

I went back to the hospital today for a second scan, because at the first one Baby J was still growing his/her intestines outside his/her body. Apparently that's quite common at 11 weeks. I'm now happy to report that they are now fully inside where they should be. Not that Baby J wanted to show us that, upside down as he (lets call it a he for ease) was. He was flipping about, hiccupping, kicking his legs and waving his arms about.

I wore my glasses this time so that I could actually see the little critter. The midwife saw a lot more than I did - apparently he was praying(!) at one point and she could see his face and all sorts. It all looked a bit blurry to me but I nodded and smiled at her.

In two weeks he's grown to 7cm - which I suppose is justification for all the sickness and the fact that I am now comfortably filling my fat jeans again. The skinny pre wedding jeans are banished to the back of the wardrobe.

In other news my Grandma informed me that she suffered with the sickness until 20 weeks - joy of joys. Oh and we're very happy that Delia appears to have recovered from her hideous frozen mash and tinned mince phase and is back to speaking properly and cooking from scratch. Though I'm not convinced by a fruit cake that takes a week to make.

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