Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Strange Behaviour of Cats

It seems that pregnancy hormones do funny things to cats. Mr Jeremy - who is usually rather aloof and non-clingy has suddenly become my shadow. He likes to sit close to my face and has taken to dribbling on me with much affection.

Miss Penny - who I usually can't get rid off - is far less entralled by me and keeps trying to trip me down the stairs. We fear she has a vendetta against Baby Jones and will have to be watched in a FBI like way once he/she is born.

However - when Mr Jones is away - visiting the Scots as he is now - Miss Penny becomes a tad protective, especially when I'm being sick. As I kneel over the toilet bowl she likes to lick my leg or rub up against my back in an attempt to be soothing. She does not do this when Mr Jones is here - clearly she thinks it's his job, despite the fact that he never does it. (Not that I'd want him to lick my leg you understand - but the odd back rub wouldn't go amiss).

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