Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I had a dream...

...last night that my waters broke at a Spice Girl's concert in a caberet bar. I insisted that Mr Jones take me home to pick up my face wash before we went to the hospital. Hmmm.

Yesterday I didn't make it out of bed - which is probably a good thing given that Stamford is still covered in snow. Mr Jones and my mother have become very protective. Mr Jones doesn't want me to drive in the ice and my mother would rather I didn't walk anywhere for fear of my falling over. As I've been informed: "it's not all about you anymore".

Today I will be defying them both and will be scraping a week's worth of snow and ice off the car and taking Miss Penny to be de-fluffed. I will then be walking to the Pig Roll man to see if Baby Jones can't be tempted out of this current bout of hideous nausea with some stuffing and roast pig in a bap. If he's lucky he might get apple sauce too. Tonight all being well we're heading for a pizza in the Tobie - I am determined to eat.

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