Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Come dine with me - episode two - Dinner with Mr Medd

Mr Medd is into sports - it's kind of an addiction. So on Saturday we all had to arrive dressed in our favourite sporting attire. I cheated and wore my gym kit having decided that the sight of me in my jodphurs and the pervading smell of horse from my boots might put people off eating. Plus if you wander the streets of Stamford (yes even Stamford) on a Saturday night carrying a riding crop people look at you suggestively. Mr Jones wore his football kit, Mr Medd was a hockey player, Mr Swift a golfer and Mrs Swift a yogini. Mrs Medd joined me as a gym bunny.

I had to skip the starter - which was butternut squash soup. My most dedicated readers will remember that twas butternut squash soup that was the source of the norovirus that had me hurling for days in February. I still can't touch the stuff. But I can report that the croutons were lovely.

Our main course was Mr Oliver's Broccoli and Cauliflower Cannelloni and salad - all very lovely and veggie. But the piece de resistance was the pudding. A homemade key lime pie - quite the triumph - I do love anything with a digestive biscuit base - yum.

Post meal we settled in the sitting room which had been decorated with old sports memoribillia. Points for effort. The girls then quickly demonstrated their superior sporting knowledge by beating the boys in a game of "guess that sports person". Although it could be argued that we had an unfair advantage given that we hadn't been tempted by Mr Medd's poisonous mixture of lucozade and vodka. Mr Jones was so tempted that he spent the next morning hunched over the toilet.

A good time was had by all - and we'd like to thank Mr Medd for his hospitality.

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