Monday, 23 November 2009

Come Dine With Me - Episode Three - Dinner with Mr Swift

Another saturday - another dinner party. This time it was the turn of Mr Swift. It was a drunken night (a whole lot of gin topped off with some champagne and a lot of toaster one-up-manship)in May when Mr Swift and I got a bit competitive about cooking and planned this whole come dine with me thing. Mr Swift's menu did not disappoint. I went for homestyle stodge to earn points for comfort eating satisfaction. Mr Swift went for restaurant style glamour and got all Gary Rhodes and Marcus Waring with the presentation - most impressive.

We started with tea smoked beetroot with marscapone cheese and walnut crackers (I had to forgo the crackers just in case the walnuts caused a Mick Jagger revival). Next came a pig feast - pressed belly pork (oooh the crackling) and a tender loin of pork with roasted apples and lovely savoy cabbage (I kept down greens - hurrah). Mr Swift got a touch stressed about his slightly undercooked Boulangere Potatoes - but we didn't mind. The grand finale was a concoction of cream, white chocolate, shortbread and raspberries - which was so tempting that I decided to risk extending the life of the rash and eat the raspberries. Well worth it - it was delicious and so far no more rash.

The boys again washed it all down with copious amounts of wine and beer - but thankfully Mr Jones didn't get ill like last time. The final three dinner parties take place in the New Year - they have a lot to live up to.

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