Thursday, 19 May 2011

I know, I know

Yes, it's been a while, I have no excuse bar a very long to-do list and sheer idleness brought about by sunshine and the impending return to office drudgery. Thank you for your emails enquiring as to my existence.

Since my last post we have - been on holiday (Blakeney don't you know, in the most marvellous house, I wanted to stay but the fridge was a bit small), cooked a lot of things (I'll post recipes soon), been brave about the boy going to the childminders, stopped breast feeding, had colds, coughs, bugs and all sorts of yuckiness, got two teeth, watched a gorgeous wedding, fallen back in love with a prince, done approximately 8,0000 loads of washing (I've found a 30 minute cycle - it's been a revelation - small things) and discovered Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Frozen Yogurt - same calories as a yogurt but sooooooo much nicer. I get quite nasty if there isn't some in the freezer.

So there you haven't missed much.

In other news Mr Jones has decided that we need another room on the house - so we're converting the loft. All very exciting - until you go up there, see all of the crap and start to panic about where exactly we are going to house the remnants of a wedding, my beloved hoard of Christmas decor (the stuffed mousse might be back in one day!), various boxes of old school stuff, half of our old house and all the suitcases? There was talk of a skip - I begun to feel a touch faint. Still, until someone works out where the stairs are going to go I can forget about it.

Who knows when I may post again - perhaps this will break the deadlock?? If you can't bear to wait you can always follow me on twitter

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