Monday, 25 January 2010

Poser - moi?

Unlike my child I am not afraid of a camera. I spend so much of my working life tarting about in front of them to help photographers get the right light and picture set up that if someone points one in my face I tend to just ignore them.

However I have a bit of a thing about bump pictures. I find them a bit odd. Some people look lovely with a bump and some people look awful. I generally hate pictures of naked bumps - especially when they get really big and have outy belly buttons (please don't anyone get offended - this is just my opinion). I am especially self concious about my bump, because who knows if it's a nice one or not.

My shoot fellows were having none of my "no bump pictures" rule though - and spent the entire of last Thursday slowly wearing me down, until I relented and let the lovely Ruth Jenkinson take this pic and a few others.

The girls decided my dress wasn't photogenic enough and found me a pair of jeans (size 12 from sainsburys and I could still get them done up under the bump - just) and a black top to wear - this was a relief because there was talk of me posing nude ala Demi - I think not!

Despite my initial protestations I actually love the pics - and now feel very proud of my little bump. Apparently my bump and me will be photographed at regular intervals between now and when I leave work so that we can watch it grow. An idea that I am actually warming too. Do vote good bump or bad?

PS - I'm pleased to report that this morning I cleaned out the bin cupboard!

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