Monday, 25 January 2010

The 20 week scan

Baby Jones will be 21 weeks tomorrow. On friday we had our 20 week scan to check that all was well. I was most keen to see if all the sickness had done any damage. I've been googling spina bifida and various other problems for weeks trying to establish if being unable to keep down supplements or anything in particular could have affected the babies development. It seems that hyprochiondria extends to unborn children too.

The good news is that all seems to be well. There are two legs, two arms, two hands and two feet and everything in between. We could see the little heart beating and its tummy full of the amniotic fluid that its been eating. Apparently it's already making poo - which grosses me out just a touch.

Unfortunately Baby J wasn't feeling very photogenic and kept running away from the midwife - hence the rather odd set of images above. There is a baby in there somewhere - and would you believe it - the bottom pic of of its face!!!! Hmmmm! Next time we get to see the little monkey will be when it's born, which is a mite scary. Only 20 weeks to go.

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Lesley Bonney said...

Congratulations and nice blog! James Swift gave me your links. James is designing my website as the current is naff!

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