Monday, 18 October 2010

15 weeks old - Rufus sleeps through the night (almost)

Auntie Lauren got married in Hawaii. Mr Jones spent two days flying there and two days flying back to give her away. He was only there two days! It was all a bit mad and I of course spent the entire time envisioning scenes from Lost - no - not the ones of Sawyer looking all sweaty and rugged on the beach (well not all the time anyway) - but all the crashing planes, exploding helicopters and sinking boats - I didn't get as far as him being eaten by a polar bear or enveloped by the black smoke - but you get the picture - I was slightly worried about him leaving us to go half way around the world. Luckily he got home safely via LA and huevos rancheros with Mr and Mrs Allsop (thank you again for looking after him for me).

Meanwhile - back at basecamp - Rufus decided that without his dummy he might be able to sleep through the night - well pretty much through anyway. He is now in bed by 7pm with little fuss and then doesn't wake up for a feed until 4.30am at the very earliest and more generally 5-5.30am. Which is "through" enough for me at just 15 weeks old. I am beyond gleeful about this and I'm trying not to get too attached to the whole thing in case it all goes tits up - so to speak. But blimey I'm chuffed. All the hard work on bedtime routines and fighting the urge to cuddle him to sleep has been worth it - hurrah. He even managed to do it away from home at his first sleep over at Granny and Pops.

It has taken me a while to adjust to this new routine. For a while I had a bit of jet lag - I'd been living on planet Rufus with it's weird time zone of 11.30, 1.30, 3.30... wake ups for so long that actually being able to get a six or seven hour stretch of sleep in one go took a bit of getting used to. The exploding bosoms don't help matters much and I haven't quite mastered staying up past 9pm without a serious amount of entertainment to keep my eyes open. Mr Jones has required little adjustment and snores quite happily the whole night through - bless (grr!)

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